Hiphippopo x Amez Review

After few years, we still think it’s a very interesting review from hiphippopo that you must read it! Here’s a sneak peak for you on the article~ To check out the full article, click the link at bottom!

Today’s topic is kind of weird.
I have been scratching my head since last week to think how to start and where to start this.
Anyway, for man who are reading this, you can skip this post now if you feel uncomfortable because this post has nothing to do with man.
But, you are most welcome to continue reading it, who knows it might be informative for you!? #lol
Yea! You are right! I’m going to talk about all girls’s nightmare “period” today.
I consider myself lucky because I seldom has serious menstrual cramp.
I only had one terrible experience when I was at form 3.
It had a terrible menstrual cramp as I could’t sit, stand and even sleep for the whole day!
Other than that, I usually suffer bad skin complexion from pre-menstrual syndrome.
Besides, I remembered when the first time I get in touch with the sanitary pads, my sister thought me to stick 2 pads together to avoid the leakages. #lol
Such a funny lesson and can you imagine how awkward and uncomfortable I was during that time?! #lol
As times goes by, I got my own way to deal my monthly uneasy menstrual cycle, and also choose the right sanitary pads for my period time.
Thanks to Amez Care for sending their new products to my doorstep, I’m lucky enough to try out their newly launch products from Taiwan!