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  • 11.11 SALES

    11.11% for our super long (360mm) sanitary pads! Use the promo code: 1111 to grab the sales now!

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  • New Packaging Design!

    Amez team is ready to LAUNCH the new packaging design for all of our sanitary pads! A brand new look, a brand new experience to you! Besides, the CRAZIER GIVEAWAY is happening right now! Amez is going to GIVEAWAY these new packaging design, with only RM9.99 shipping fees. The only thing buyers need to do […]

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  • Jasmine Scent Feminine Wash Gel

    And YESSS!! It’s finally here!! Jasmine scent Feminine Wash Gel, a new flavor for one of our best products has been launched on 31st August 2021. New cap new experience Disc cap has been replaced for our new products of Feminine Wash Gel – Jasmine & Sweet Berry scent for a better experience to our […]

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  • Eco-friendly canvas bag

    No plastic Day!Reusable canvas tote shopping bag is an eco-friendly grocery shopping bag. Great NEWS! Our quality Eco-friendly canvas bag arrived! Time to reduce your plastic footprint by doing your shopping with Amez Eco-friendly cotton canvas bag. Just takes little effort on your part, for a big different to our world. Measurement: 36cm x 10cm […]

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