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  • Jasmine Scent Feminine Wash Gel

    And YESSS!! It’s finally here!! Jasmine scent Feminine Wash Gel, a new flavor for one of our best products has been launched on 31st August 2021. New cap new experience Disc cap has been replaced for our new products of Feminine Wash Gel – Jasmine & Sweet Berry scent for a better experience to our […]

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  • Make a difference during COVID-19

    COVID-19 pandemic hits the whole world since the end of 2019, and we all know that it’s still continuing to spread around the world. People are dying, suffering to survive, and even not sure where are their next foods for their family, same goes to our beloved country – Malaysia. We know that we can’t […]

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  • 卫生棉捐赠送暖

    对许多人而言,或许卫生棉是触手可及的,但是却有更多我们所不知道的许多家境贫穷学生,因父母失业而经济受困,没有能力购买女生的日常用品 – 卫生棉的家庭及个人群体。再加上疫情的残酷打击之下,人数更是极速上升。 疫情残酷,人间有爱。Amez团队与主办单位和组织一起配搭,同心合力保护没有卫生棉使用的女生。让更多女性能在这一方面受惠。Amez 团队在这一次的配搭中,赞助了5大箱 Travel Set = 1,440 片卫生棉(Day use, Night Use, Pantyliner) Amez team sponsored 5 cartons Travel Set = 1,440 pieces of sanitary pads (including Day use, Night use, and pantyliner)

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  • We have been featured!

    YES! As you saw, our brand – AMEZ has been featured on The Happy Hormones, a one-stop platform for all things related to Wellness in Malaysia. They aim to simplify those living in Malaysia on finding the best wellness related services, products, events and places that suit people’s needs. The article is sharing about how […]

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  • New materials upgrade in AMEZ!

    Super Soft Mesoporous Non-Woven Fabric Specially designed for women to increase the speed of liquid penetration, also improvement of the skin-friendly experience, Amez’s surface keep you safe from rashes ES Fibre Water Repellent ES Fibre Water Repellent Effectively prevent side leakage, reduce friction rate, soft, comfortable, and more skin-friendly. We’ve got your back 3 Layers […]

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