Not only sanitary pad.
It’s sanitary pad with amazing ingredients!

Why Amez is different with others? In Amez, we are not only provide all the functions that sanitary pad had, we care of your health too. As woman, we should take our intimate with love and care. Therefore, Amez is here. Amez is the place where intimate meets comfort.

Functional Chips in AMEZ pads

Negative ION

Suppress the survival, multiplication of bacterial and viruses effectively.

Nano Silver

Powerful anti-bacterial effect 100 times more effective at killing harmful bacteria than normal silver clip.

Far Infrared

Helps improved blood circulations in the body. Promote body metabolism and soothe menstrual pain.

Herbal Ingredients for our AMEZ pads

Herbal Ingredients for our AMEZ pads


Natural minerals aid in relieving menstrual pain, cramping and discomfort


Contain antifungal, antibacterial, antiseptic & anti-inflammatory properties. Guards vagina against yeast infection. Also acts as a mood-lifter


Relieving pain and increases level of relaxation. Acts as a calmer hence promotes a restful sleep


High level contain of antiseptic properties. Highly effective in reducing itchiness & irritation of the skin


Acts as an antiseptic and anti-bacterial agent. Soothes itching, irritation, pain and infection

Meet The AMEZ Family

Our Happy Customers


The Amez sanitary pads are just too good to use. I felt cool and fresh when i used it and the most important thing is IT WAS SO THIN! I would definitely repurchase again!

– Joey Chen


I love the herbal ingredient in the sanitary pad. The soft lavender smell from the sanitary pad made me feel fresh. Also the peppermint ingredient is very breathable and I don’t feel hot and stuffy anymore.

– Hui Hui


Finally I tried Amez Feminine Wash Gel, I was just surprised that the price is just too reasonable. It removes my odour and itchiness! HOW AMAZING!

– Amelia Phoon